Prayer Changes


Help Sustain 24 Hour Prayer In The Bay Area

Through the 'air cover' of prayer, the East Bay Prayer Furnace impacts every ministry in the region and sees itself as enhancing the God-breathed strategies of these offerings to God

  • We’re not big.  Due to our size and deliberately narrow focus, we’re not “something for everyone;’ we don’t have established ministries for every need.  

  • And yet, we believe we do have ‘something for everyone’ because we believe everyone is best ministered to directly from God via specific, tailored conversations with Him.

  • While we esteem the pioneering work done by IHOP in Kansas City, we receive no funding from them.

  • Many people participate in our prayer times even as they maintain their membership in other churches:  a completely legitimate approach.  

  • We’re expensive:  this is true of any endeavor in the Bay Area.  Real estate, instruments, materials and supplies along with minimal staff make running a prayer room a very expensive endeavor.  Several of our number are “Prayer Missionaries,” in that they have given themselves full time to prayer and worship, and are supported directly via donations.  

  • An hour of prayer and worship, including associated space and administrative costs, is about $100.  

  • We are a certified non-profit and your contribution is tax-deductible.


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